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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Browning-Gordon for Your Nashville Rental Property

Beverly Browning - Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Browning-Gordon & Company is a local Nashville property management company, and in today’s blog, we want to talk about why you should consider working with us. 

These are the top 5 reasons that you might want to consider using Browning-Gordon as your property management company when you have a residential rental home here in Nashville.

  1. Residential Property Management Experience in Nashville

    We have been in business for 35 years. We manage only residential property. This would include single-family homes, condos, a duplex, or a townhome. We call these scattered site rental properties. Our team does not manage any HOAs and we don’t do real estate sales. We also don’t manage office buildings or retail sites. We’re strictly focused on residential management. It’s our area of expertise.

  2. We’re Members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers

    Our team members are all active in the National Association of Residential Property Managers, or NARPM. This is a professional trade organization that’s made up of professional property managers and subject matter experts from across the country. With our involvement in NARPM, we are able to network with fellow property managers from Florida, California, Colorado, Arkansas, and Washington State. We learn about best practices, innovations, and new legislation in property management markets all across the country. 

    This allows us to better educate ourselves through the networking and the educational classes that are provided. We attend conventions and owner/broker retreats. NARPM is a great and necessary resource for all property managers. 

  3. Browning-Gordon is a Certified Residential Management Company 

    We have our CRMC designation, and this is especially valuable because we’re the only Nashville property management company that has it. The Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC) designation is awarded to companies that have gone through an intense audit. We had to demonstrate high standards when it came to our business practices, policies, forms, procedures, and personnel and HR practices. A company with this designation is clearly committed to the industry. You can be confident that we take our work seriously.

  4. Long-Term Employees are Knowledgeable, Dedicated and Talented

    Our employees stay with us for the long term. This is often unusual in the property management industry, but we have managed to build a team of incredible people. We have 5 employees that have been with us for over 11 years – one has been there 31 years, one for 20, one for 16. All of our property managers are licensed as real estate agents. This isn’t because we’re selling real estate, but because it’s required in Nashville to negotiate lease agreements.

    There’s a lot of knowledge in our office. All of our staff is educated, well-trained, and completely focused on residential property management. 

  5. Outsourcing Rental Property Repairs

    We don’t have a maintenance division. When a repair is needed at your property, we’ll only use licensed, insured, and professional outside vendors and contractors. Many people believe that it’s a conflict of interest for a management company to profit off of an owner’s problems. We made a decision not to offer maintenance services for that reason.

    Those are five reasons I think you might want to consider using us as your management company. There are of course several other reasons to share with you, so contact us at Browning-Gordon & Company, and we’ll talk about the unique needs of your Nashville rental property.