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What our clients are saying

As you know, I own a property and your company looks after it for me. You have been doing so for quite a number of years and there have been few if any problems. I am writing to you now about Barb Hendershot. I have never met Ms Hendershot, but we have corresponded and also spoken on the telephone. Generally it is, as now, at tax time and I need something from her for my taxes. Today I called and spoke to her, telling her who I was and she at once knew me and promised to help. Within five minutes - maybe less - she had sent me the material I needed. She did not ask me to log in to some complex and anonymous computer system, to think up a password, to identify myself by my birthday or my Social Security number or anything like that. I gave her my name and she simply asked me how I was. She always does this, every time I call, and it is one of the things that make dealing with Browning Gordon easy. This sounds like something trivial, but let me tell you it is not. I just called the insurance company for some information, and it was "Could you spell that name? Could you...". It makes a difference to deal with a company where they treat you like a human being. Barb Hendershot is a real asset to B-G. Please be sure to look after her! - DJW

I have had Browning & Gordon manage my 2 houses for over 12 years. The entire company is filled with real estate pros. Barb in accounting is fantastic. Shelly has been helpful on many occasions.Teresa gets extra bids on any repairs that are needed. I have heard from Ms Browning when I have had concerns. She has always solved any issues I had. I suggest you use B & G for your rental property needs in the Nashville area. - Steve G.

"Browning-Gordon has managed a rental property in the Brentwood, TN area for me for over 6 years. I have owned other such properties in California as well as in other areas of Tennessee, so I am an experienced "client" of property management companies. I can say without any qualification that the staff at B-G have been the most professional, knowledgeable and attentive group to work with that I have ever experienced. My Brentwood property represents a sizeable investment for me and I have had total confidence in B-G's ability to respond to issues in a timely, effective and courteous manner. They have treated me, as well as the tenants, with respect at all times. Maintenance issues have been dealt with immediacy and repairs have not only been done correctly but cost effectively. Browning-Gordon has done a spectacular job for me and I give them the highest recommendation as a property management company in all of Middle Tennessee."

"Quality Excellent - Rented a house through them for 3 years. Was a very pleasant experience - always courteous and very responsive to get maintenance done quickly."

"Overall Very good - I enjoyed doing business with Browning Gordon over the 3 years that I was a tenant with them. The service was good and they did follow up on maintenance requests. I liked living at the condo that I rented from them but the person that owned it did not want to upgrade or do any upkeep to it so I had to move. Otherwise friendly and courteous staff-Shelly, Barb and Anise."

"I was a tenant whose condo was managed by Browning-Gordon for five years. During that time I was mostly pleased with their service. They were polite, prompt and professional and tended to my issues/needs in a timely manner. I would strongly recommend them as property/house managers from a tenant's perspective. The owner of my condo was also seemingly well pleased with Browning-Gordon's services."

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed working with Browning-Gordon. They are courteous and professional. The staff are always very helpful and resolved my issues quickly. All maintenance requests were handled in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend working with this agency.- Christy C.

In full transparency, I have never rented from B & G BUT what I can tell you is, I totally would. I have known renters and owners that used B & G for their residential needs and comparing my story of renting in Nashville to their stories, I wish I went this route the first time! - Laila S

The thing you need to know about them is they are a high quality firm. They make sure you are who you say you are (credit checks & background), they do everything by the book (aka - the law) and provide great customer service. They have rentals that fit many budgets, in different areas around Nashville. They are very thorough, making sure everything is taken care of. Of course things happen, but they respond quickly and solve issues fast. (I know some of the staff here and it is not unusual for them to answer, call or email clients at night or on the weekend to solve issues)

They are connectors, making sure not only are the owners getting what they want out of a renter, but the renter is also heard. If you are new to Nashville or just looking for a great property manager, check out Browning & Gordon! - Laila S.

Love to work with browning gordon Mgmt because of their prompt and professional service. I have never had a request fall on deaf ears and follow through is impeccable. They take great care of our house we rent by Belmont. From having gravel replaced in our driveway to replacing the carpet with laminate wood flooring they use awesome contracted professionals to do the work necessary to keep our house a home.- Kyle K.

Everyone at Browning-Gordon is wonderful! I have moved very often over the last decade, and I had the pleasure to be there for 18 months. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to rent property in Nashville.- Mike M.

I've been renting through browning Gordon for almost two years now. I found the apartment I liked and got the lease signed soon after. There have been a handful of maintenance requests which were all addressed quickly and properly, one of my biggest factors in judging management companies. When I renewed my lease, Shelly was willing to go back to the owner to negotiate the rent increase (so much construction has been going on in the area a good weeknight sleep is impossible). I haven't moved out yet so I cannot speak to the concerns of others regarding lease extensions or security deposits, but I have had no issue with them in my 20 months renting. - Will R.

We've been with Browning and Gordon for about 6 years. We love it the staff is awesome. They are very professional and handle all maintenance request. We hope to stay another 6 years with them. Thanks Browning and Gordon for making everything easy. - Valeri M.

Although I don't have anything to which to compare because this is the first time I've rented after being a homeowner for about 25 years, I'd have to give Browning-Gordon high marks. They are always on top of any needed maintenance or repairs and are friendly and helpful whenever I've had need to call. The ONLY reason that I didn't give five stars is their hours to show properties are Monday through Friday only and not after 4:30. This can be difficult for some people to work around. - M.S.

Rented a house through them for 3 years. Was a very pleasant experience - always courteous and very responsive to get maintenance done quickly. - Jack G.

Browning-Gordon and Company is without a doubt one of the premier property management companies in the metro Nashville area. They are highly organized and always receptive to the needs of their tenants and property owners. If you are searching for a rental property in Nashville or someone to professionally manage your rental property or properties you should look no further. Browning-Gordon represents the best of the best in all aspects! - Kevin E.

Great people work here!
Awesome experience.- Tina P.

As a tenant, Browning-Gordon makes everything so easy! They are very responsive and any issues (which are very few and far between) are taken care of within 24 hours. Their properties are well-maintained and the staff at the office are all very pleasant. Couldn't ask for a better property management company to work with for living in Nashville!! - Caroline C.

Browning-Gordon is a great company to work with. Very responsive and quick to resolve any property-related questions or issues. Have worked with them as our landlord for over 2 years, including working closely with them through a renovation project, and would highly recommend them as your next property management company. Beverly, Kim and the entire staff are pleasant to work with, and are knowledgeable and experienced professionals. - Anna Landis J

The staff at Browning Gordon are really great. They helped get repairs done in a timely manner and care about the work of the maintenance completed. - Damion O.

The staff at Browning-Gordon has been extremely helpful, courteous and professional. If you are new to the area, these are the people to call. - John B.

I have rented through B&G on and off over the last decade. I highly recommend them if you are looking to rent. Besides always having a quick response time for maintenance needs, they are also very diligent about preventative maintenance. They provided me a fair post rental assessment and return of my deposit the first time I rented with them (I left the state). They are quick to respond to your calls and work with your schedule for spot checks. I will stay with them until I buy a house! - Faith R.

Square Footage Services LLC., has the pleasure of working with the staff members on a daily basis. Everyday we find the most professional people networking and greeting us with a smile. While working in the field we also have the opportunity to interact with their clients that have great things to say about them. Professional and kind to everyone seems to be a common trademark of this company. - Tommy L.

The best in Property Managment!! Everyone has always been pleasant and understanding while being very eager to meet our needs. I'm so grateful for them!! - Clyde C.

Excellent company to lease from. They are professional, courteous, responsive, and fair. I couldn't have been happier with the folk at Browning-Gordon. Thank you specifically to Barb and Teresa! - Jake F.

We have been tenants for over 2 years. The staff is friendly and attentive. They are quick to resolve issues. All maintenance staff is professional and punctual. - Amanda D.

Outstanding customer service, prompt turn around of maintenance requests and friendly, knowledgeable Property Managers.- Tracey P.

I have been renting a home from Browning Gordon Realty for 5 years now and I have only positive things to say about them. If I have any issues or problems, all I have to do is put my maintenance request via online and they are resolved within 24hrs unless it was something that impossible to take care of in that amount of time. Paying my rent was very convenient, they were able to deduct my checking account so I didn't have to remember when to pay rent. The representative for my home was always quick to get back with me if I had any questions. Everyone in the office there is friendly which is really important. I highly recommend them!!!! - Lisa W.

As the owner of a beautiful rental home in the Nashville area I am happy to be working with Browning-Gordon as the property management team. They always respond to the tenant's maintenance requests quickly and have a fantastic group of repair people who keep the house in great shape at very reasonable rates. We recently turned the house over to new tenants and all cleaning services, windows, carpets, lock changes, etc. was scheduled to all be done in just a few days so we had new tenants in one week later. They are very well organized and the house looks great. - Bill B.

Former Tenant of Bowing and Gordon. Fair market value prices. Repairs were made quickly and easily. Friendly staff. - Jeffrey B.

Great company to use when renting in the Nasvhille area. I leased from Browning-Gordon for 2 years and had an overall great experience! The company is very responsive and cares about their tenants. Teresa Cole was my agent and was very helpful and timely with any questions or requests I made. Definitely the best in Nashville! - Ryan W.

Great management company to work with. I have been using them for going on 8 years now and they manage two properties for me. I've worked with Shelly & Barb the entire time I've been working with the compay. They do a great job with keeping owners in the loop via communications (mail, phone or email), have everything online so that you can look back at statements, and if you don't understand something, all you have to do is email or call and someone will be happy to explain. They make owning rental property a breeze as they handle pretty much everything and make it largely hands off for the owners. - Matthew G.

We've been renting from them for almost 3 years they are always very nice and get back quick when we need something. Definitely recomend them if your looking to rent - Paul W.

I have rented from Browning-Gordon for almost 6 years and I am very pleased. They are friendly and professional, and have always responded quickly to questions and maintenance requests. - David O.

Great company to deal with, Jessica is always quick to help with any maintenance issues. - Adam E.

It was wonderful to work with the company for the past 5 and half years, and I would recommend it to my friends and family to manage their properties. The president Beverly is very understanding and resolved any issues very efficiently. The company is connected with contractors who give great services at very reasonable prices. - Seint The Su Lwin

By far the best "landlord" I've had the pleasure of dealing with. They make move-in painlessly easy, quickly attend to any work orders you may have, and always follow up with you after to be thorough. Having worked in property management before, I have admittedly high expectations and this year with them has been nothing but pleasant! I've recommended both renting from them, and working with them to rent my friends homes. 5 stars! - Jackie S.

Awesome landlord! It has been such an easy and stress free process!! They have been more than helpful and the maintenance crew were always fast to get to us. I highly recommend this company and VP Shelly Hopkins who was awesome to work with!! - Sam R.

I have appreciated working with Browning-Gordon and highly recommend them to those looking for property management or rental services. As a tenant who likes to move around the city and experience different types of homes and locations, I've leased from many different companies and individuals. Browning-Gordon is hands down the best. I've worked specifically with Teresa who went out of her way to answer questions for me, responded quickly to inquiries, and set up showings promptly. I also appreciate how she has represented the owners of the home I'm renting as it's clear that she's walking the balance of serving me as a tenant and representing them well. - Jennifer L.

I have worked with this company for 20 plus years and can attest to their professionalism and ethical standards. They are tops in the industry. Great company and staff! - Judy R.

I put in a request for repairs (3) on same ticket. Maintenance folks were out the next day to get everything resolved to my satisfaction! - Joan G.

We love renting from B-G! Maintenance issues are always resolved well, and Melissa follows up with us each time. Thank you, B-G! - Jenny Redding G.

in a word: RESPONSIVE!! i had (mis)fortune of 2 prob's arising simultaneously at residence, & WITHIN HOURS of easy online notification, there were 2 sets of repairmen knocking on my door!! much thanks to jessica, of this first class property management co!- dosanchoas


"Quality Excellent -Rented a house through them for 3 years. Was a very pleasant experience - always courteous and very responsive to get maintenance done quickly."


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